Coach Bruce

Coach Bruce is an Exercise Physiologist/Strength and Conditioning Coach who has had a very full career within the Clinical/Fitness Industry.  He is a graduate from Springfield College and currently on the Exercise Science Department Board and an Adjunct Professor. In addition, he’s certified as an (NSCA) Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, (IYCA) High School Strength Coach, (IYCA) Youth Speed & Agility Specialist, (IYCA) Youth Nutritionist Specialists, Certified Golf Fitness Instructor by Titleist Performance Institute, Mat Pilates, Kettlebell Specialists, Post Graduate studies in Exercise Physiology and over 24 years in Clinical Cardiology and the Fitness/Sport Performance Industries.      

Coach Bruce has worked with clients and athletes of all ages.  He has worked with tri-athletes, sports professionals, high school athletes and athletes with Orthopedic Injuries (Knee, Hip and Shoulder Injuries). He comes from a strong background as a Manager and Trainer at  Equinox Fitness Inc, in the Fairfield County area of Connecticut.  He is results oriented, motivated to see his athletes succeed and very passionate about his goals, as well as the people with whom he surrounds himself.

Over the past several years, Coach Bruce has had great success running kids athletic camps and has launched his company Athletes Etc… LLC.  While he is still busy in the gym training clientele, his specialty is Long Term Athletic Development which focuses on building strength, speed, and flexibility with an emphasis on injury prevention techniques.

So join us and work with Coach Bruce into becoming an ELITE Athlete!