• Speed Camp 2.0

We teach athletes fundamental sprint mechanics and deceleration techniques. This will help to increase speed, produce more explosive power and reduce an athlete’s likelihood of injury. Athletes-Etc… Speed Camp 2.0 features a unique speed training system utilized by their coaches. SPEED 2.0 GET SOME!!!

  • Prevention Rehabilitation Enhance Performance Program (P.R.E.P.P)

P.R.E.P.P training is critical at helping young athletes avoid injury during their season.  In the P.R.E.P.P program, we detail six main components of injury prevention to successfully reduce hip, knee, shoulder, and ankle injuries in young athletes.  The six week program will help young athletes get stronger, faster and manage existing injuries.

  • After School Fitness for Elementary Schools Grades 3rd -6th

We come to your school and provide after-school fitness programs that are all game play in nature all while promoting athletic and good movement development.

  • Small Group Strength Training ages 10-18

Come to our location and perform workouts that include kettlebells, ropes, sled push/pull, medicine balls, dumbells, TRX system, resistance bands etc…


All programs are based on a Long Term Athletic Development approach offered all year round….